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Three quarters of staff admit Tweeting in meetings

Published: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 10:50am GMT


Almost three quarters of social media users will check their news feeds on their smartphones during meetings, according to a new poll.

The survey by office experts found a huge 71% of staff would sneak a peek at their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds if they were drifting away during a meeting.

Reasons given for this were keeping up-to-date with breaking news, wanting to check in location services and, for some, purely out of boredom.

A spokesperson for said the survey results showed how social media was having an increasing impact on the working environment.

He said: “Social media is playing a bigger role in our lives, not just in our personal lives but at work too.

“We have become accustomed to having live news updates at our fingertips so it’s only natural we begin to feel ‘out of the loop’ much quicker than we used to.

“The rise in the numbers of smartphones has made our social media channels much more accessible. We no longer need to sit in front of the computer to become updated. Now we have platforms such as Facebook and Twitter quite literally in the palm of our hands.

“Many employers may view this as a headache but in some technology and marketing sectors, the use of social media in meetings is actively encouraged.”

The poll found almost half would go through their smartphones in order to see the day’s headlines prior to live events, with 47% saying they looked at their Facebook and Twitter feeds for details.

Out of all of the social media platforms available, Twitter is the preferred app for checking up on live events, with 28% of those polled searching for the event hashtags during meetings.

However despite the widespread use of social media for professional purposes, an honest nine per cent confessed to scrolling aimlessly through their smart phones during dull moments of a meeting.

But a firm 99% believed that playing games on smartphones during meetings was unacceptable, with only one per cent admitting to a secret gaming session under the desk.

One respondent said: “My job relies on reacting to current affairs and keeping an eye on what’s in the news so I regularly check my social media feeds during meetings.

“I have attended conferences where the use of social media sites, particularly Twitter, has been openly encouraged. Sometimes it’s easier to ask a question via the Twitter hashtag rather than put up your hand in front of 100 strangers.”

One person who took part in the survey confessed: “I’ve lied to my boss’ face and said I was checking email when I was actually sending a selfie to my best friend via Snapchat.”